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Bringing in-store media to the digital party...

Helping Retailers build their in-store media networks

About Our Firm

Dynamic Retailing, LLC is here to help retailers and their agencies design and build the physical arm of their digital retail media network. Its focus is on the proper system design and business modeling aspects of in-store media to create new monetization streams for retailers.

Think of us as the lead strategist for designing in-store media networks for a retailer. We have experience designing these media networks for a variety of end clients, including: Walmart, Lowe's, Sam's Club, GameStop, Staples, and Wells Fargo.

Areas of Expertise

Specific areas of real-world understanding within the in-store media network space:

Creative architecture

  • Proper Display Locations
  • Content Strategy
  • Display Objectives
  • Creative Framework
  • Mobile Device Integration

Business strategy

  • Business Planning
  • Profit & Loss Strategy & ROI
  • Ad Revenue Forecasting
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Solution Provider RFP Mgmt
financial charts and graphs
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